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Company Introduction

Community portal website, dcinside is one of the leading community in korea, and it has played a key role in internet culture. We currently offer a wide range of services, including gallery, minor gallery, gallog, dc Wiki, mobile web and apps, and It is being offered through the pc web, mobile web site and official app. on the basis of these efforts, we have firmly became the most popular site in Korea.

Major Services

  • Gallery

    Gallery is the community service that combine images and bulletin boards. We have some three thousands of galleries combined with each area of societies, including games, sports, celebrities, broadcasting and entertainment.

  • Minor gallery

    Minor gallery is the sub services to create and operate a gallery directly by users. there are about 20,000 minor gallery is operated.

  • Mobile web/app

    Mobile web/app service is a mobile service that is optimized for people to use the dcinside through smartphones, tablets, and pcs. we will continue to update the contents that combine the know-how of community management on the web and the characteristics of mobile.

  • Mandoo Mall/dc Con

    You can use 'Mandoo’(like cyber money) for high quality charged contents such as movies and cartoons at the mandoo mall. dc Con is an emoticon service that can be made by users, which can be used in gallery.

  • dc Wiki

    dc Wiki is the service to create documents with users, which is updated with creative documents that contain seriousness and dc’s humor.

  • Gallog

    Gallog is a private media service that combines the gallery and blog. You can easily check your gallery activities and it provides a visitor’s book to enable you to interact with other users.

Affiliation Guidance

If you want to get in touch with a business affiliation, please contact the manager below.

  • Business Affiliation

    New business, service affiliation,
    and mandoo mall entry affiliation,

  • Ad and Marketing

    Display advertising, events,
    joint promotions,
    marketing affiliation, etc.

  • Contents Affiliation

    Contents such as news,
    dc Con, etc.